After DRC, Burundi & Tanzania, It’s Uganda’s turn now.

By Charles Kambanda

1. Kagame ruined DRC, especially North Kivu. The method ( crimes) by which Kagame and his suicidal DMI ruined DRC is/are well documented by the UNited Nations Security Council and many credible international organisations.

2. Kagame set Burundi on fire using the same method ( crimes) he used in DRC. Again, what Kagame did or continues to do in Burundi is well documented.

3. Kagame sought to destabilize Tanzania during their recent Presidential elections. Kagame allegedly massacred the Tanzanian peacekeeping troops in DRC after the same troops smoked Kagame from North Kivu, DRC, mines.

4. Kagame and his bloody DMI perpetrated various acts of terrorism on South Africa territory, assassinating and/or attempted to assassinate some Rwandans living in South Africa.

It’s Uganda’s turn now.

Why is Kagame junta such a bad neighbor in the region?