After bullying president Peter Nkirunziza and Kikwete, Kagame is now taking his bullying tactics to president Museveni.


Criminal Paul Kagame is totally and totally suffering from hallucinations. You have to read DMI run and managed tabloid to appreciate how criminal Paul Kagame is suffering from hallucinations.

The number of articles his owned tabloids write in a week, linking to different meetings between RNC and president Museveni is unimaginable. To them, it seems president Museveni has nothing to do except meeting different RNC members. Criminal Paul Kagame suffers from phantasmagoria, imaginary images that assumes RNC lives in Uganda state house.

From 2016 to present, his illusions took him to Burundi, always saying that President Peter Nkirunziza is helping and providing training grounds to RNC recruits. For the whole of 2017 and 2018, his hallucinations were always linking RNC to Burundi’s government especially their intelligence services.

In case RNC gets just a single state support from any neighbouring country in the region, it would take few months for the collapse of the junta regime in Kigali. Criminal Paul Kagame, totally knows that no single country/state is supporting RNC. It’s the fear of this to ever happen that he is using bullying tactics against neighbouring countries.

In 2013, he bullied President Jakwaya Kikwete. Since 2015, after orchestrated failed coup d’etat in Burundi, he has always been bullying president Peter Nkirunziza and now, his taking his bullying tactics to president Museveni.

The RNC hallucinations made criminal Paul Kagame include the organisation in his uncoordinated new year speech, and now, RNC has become his house anthem to the extent that he sings RNC even when his eating the yoyo/madwasi of his concubine Ines Mpambara or the watery Clare Akamanzi.

By Gakwerere Rpf