A must read book showing how Kagame turned Rwanda’s pension into private finance

By Rpf Gakwerere

David Himbara’s blockbuster has just landed on my desk. The book is looking at the depth of corruption within Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB).

Obviously, state goons and sycophants don’t have the culture of reading or researching, otherwise, this book like many other books would have been a must read. For state goons and sycophants, their inept minds tells them that their hypocrisy, lies, intrigue and fabrications; are signs of smartness and intelligence.

Join Former Kagame administration member David Himbara as he blows the lid wide open on his former boss’s audacious takeover of the national pension to line the ruling party’s pockets. With most of the cash still unaccounted for, Kagame’s regime continues its corrupt reign to this very day.

Kagame ate Rwanda’s pension – David Himbara; “On July 3, 2017, Rwandan president Paul Kagame made a bold statement. He asserted that there was no evidence whatsoever to show that the relationship between his government and the ruling party’s business interests was unethical. This book is my testimony to the contrary – that corruption defines the relationship between the Kagame government and the ruling party’s businesses. I demonstrate in this work how the Kagame government turned Rwanda’s pension into private finance.”

“Under Kagame’s watch, millions of dollars of Workers’ contributions and incomes from pension investments are unaccountable for or finance the ruling party’s business interests. Meanwhile, on retirement, pensioners join the ranks of the poor owing to extraordinary low benefits. Kagame cannot escape the responsibility for the plunder of Rwanda’s pension. He appoints and removes Rwanda’s public servants, from chief justices of the Supreme Court to clerks in parliament, as per the national constitution written and adopted under his supervision. This is part of Kagame’s authoritarian leadership style, whereby he seeks to control all aspects of Rwanda’s public services……..”