A major in RDF: “Let me hope the war will be fought by his concubine Claire Akamanzi that he pays an 8 million Rwanda francs salary. Me?? Never at all.”


The major: My peanut salary is just short of 420000 Francs Rw, after paying taxes and pension. While concubines of those who want us to die for them are taking home millions in monthly pay for merely putting their asses down in those posh offices. Just, can you imagine Dan Munyuza’s concubine is being paid above 2 million Rwandan francs for attendance in a certain company?

Corporal: Who is that girl?

The major: She is a certain young divorced girl, w’umukonyine. It’s not only one. Nzabakubwira. These people are awarding their concubines huge salaries while we are on peanuts.

Corporal: Your job is that of patriotism and love for the country. Your a soldier and those your talking about are civilians.

The major: Patriotism? The commander in chief should be the first person to set that example. I hope you remember those days they used to tell us ati matunda iko mbere. We now understand what they meant. His children and those of his cronies are studying in best private schools around the world, while I am struggling for school fees for my children.

Corporal: Hope you and the boys are ready for the wars his planning to send you, lots.

The major: Let me hope the war will be fought by his concubine Claire Akamanzi that he pays an 8 million Rwanda francs salary. Me?? Never at all. For me and those that I lead, will totally desert or melt away. But I can never die for this man or accept those under my command to die for this man. Just a spark, we shall settle this few thugs, ignore ibyo yirigwa avovota.

Corporal: You sound disoriented?

The major: why can’t you be disoriented especially when experiencing injustice and unfairness.

Corporal: Afande, there is no injustice and unfairness your facing, otherwise, you would have fled the country.

The major: I have never got an opportunity, the last time I was allowed to leave the country at the same time with my immediate family (wife and children) was in 2011 to attend a wedding in (Country withheld for security). You know very well, my parents were all sick, I wouldn’t have left them while they are in that condition.

Corporal: Apart from you, how is the general morale among the men in Uniform.

The major: What do you expect when men and women in Uniform are being paid peanut salaries? Obviously, the general morale is very low. These men will be shocked when the plates turn. We salute them everyday, if only they could see what is in our hearts as we salute them.

Corporal: But your among those men. Why are you excluding yourself.

The major: When I talk about these men, I mean the elites and those in J2 who have grabbed the country. The country is ruled by Kagame through J2. I always feel sorry for those young men in J2, they have washed themselves in blood of innocent citizens, and they have reaped no single benefit out of it, except being drug addicts while Kagame and family takes everything. Trust, I can never kill or die for this man. My children and wife still need to see me.

Corporal: Why don’t you put a demobilisation – request.

The major: I have done that 3 times, only to not be approved by either the division commander in earlier instances or higher up in the offices. Last time I had faked a sickness, but the cowboys denied me.

Corporal: How is the RDF combat readiness?

The major: There are two major factors which define combat readiness. 1) Morale among the troops 2) The patriotic cause. At the moment those two factors don’t exist. The country is ripe for change, what’s still missing is a spark, then we sort ourselves out.

Corporal: What is happening with Afende James? The man is everywhere talking nonsense.

The major: When has he never talked nonsense? He has always talked nonsense. The country is hell because of that man’s lies and fabrications to the president. Afande James preyed on president’s paranoia to destroy this country. For that one, I am not worried. Soon, the president will send him were he sent Afande Gapfizi. He knows it.

Corporal: How will you spend your easter holidays.

The major: Since December 18, we have been on stand by. But I will sneak to see family and spend few nights with them.

Corporal: Pass my greetings.

The major: I will do. And keep safe.

Corporal: Thanks, God bless.

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