Dear oppressed, enslaved, starving and jobless Rwandans; I hope you all know that those articles attacking Uganda or the country’s leadership attached to Albert Rudatsimburwa as the author, aren’t actually written by Albert Rudatsimburwa.

These articles are written by other people for example, the recent one, was written by Joseph Bideri and passed to Albert Rudatsimburwa to publish under his names. All Rwandans know that Albert Rudatsimburwa is a high school dropout who studied under a french system. His command of english language is next to Zero. And his french is minimal to street level.

In Kigali, since President Habyarimana era, he was known as Karaoke man, for being part of a Karaoke band with Jeannette Kagame’s brothers.

During the 90s, being a mixed race of Belgium father and Rwandan mother, the drug addict relocated to Belgium. And after the end of the war in 1994, Albert Rudatsimburwa came back to Rwanda and continued were he had stopped, Karaoke band music in pubs.

As a childhood friend to Jeannette Kagame’s brothers, including Jeannette Kagame, they approached him with a project of starting up a radio station, thus the start of contact FM and later Contact TV. Contact FM/TV are 100% owned by the Kagames.

Now, in a country where everything is cooked up, fabricated and doctored; Albert Rudatsimburwa, allover a certain started referring to himself as a journalist and gullibles believed, and after few years, he became a political researcher and now, he refers to himself as a political expert and researcher on greatlakes region – politics. Really? Sic!

It’s only in the enclave were a former toilet digger wakes up and tells everyone that his an expert and researcher on genocide (case study Edouard Bamporiki). It is only in the enclave were a middle school – technical school graduate (Certificate/A3), wakes up and tells everyone that his a senior journalist, researcher and an expert on genocide (case study Tom Ndahiro).

As long as your a Kagamist goon or minion, in the enclave, it’s the only place you can create a fake CV and DMI owned and managed media will sell the fake personality branding.

To be clarified as an expert in a certain academic field, you must have published or co-authored an academic paper that is awarded 2 star level and in a well known academic journal. But in the enclave, it’s shocking to see how middle-class dropouts are coming out in great numbers and referring themselves to be experts and researchers in certain fields.

You can’t just wake up and start referring yourself as a researcher. There are academic tools and methodologies you have to learn – study. These reminds me of those Mai Mai rebels in DR Congo, who wake up and you hear one starting referring to himself as General.

Now, Rwanda’s well known semi Belgium – Albert Rudatsimburwa is also an expert. If he had said that is an expert in playing guitar or narcotics, I would somehow agree with him.

By Gakwerere Rpf