A finalized evil plan by President Paul Kagame to attack Burundi

Radjabu na Kagame

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By Rpf Gakwerere

Burundi Chapter – 1.

“Thank God, Paul Kagame has pulled off his eyes from internal Burundian politics, he has shifted his destructive obsession to Uganda,” this was part of an inbox message from a relived Burundian who assumed that the criminal Junta has stopped denigrating or re-written his policy about regime change in Burundi. This jingoistic Burundian blogger naively assumed that criminal Paul Kagame is like any other dictators who flip flops with policies of human destruction.

In 2016, in front of his militia youth-Intore, criminal Paul Kagame noted, “I always hear them singing how they will wash me (bazamesa), and they well know the red line.” Criminal Paul Kagame was referring to a song which was composed by Burundian patriots after his orchestrated coup d’état against Burundian president in 2015.

I would like to remind readers that criminal Paul Kagame and President Peter Nkurunziza were ideological brothers and great friends, until 2012 during the outbreak of the M23 rebellion in DR Congo.

Before 2012, any suspected Rwandan dissident in Burundi would be sent back to Rwanda and prominent in this murky relationship was the kidnapping and deportation of Deo Mushayidi. But after the attempted Coup d’état in 2015, majority of Burundians were able to understand the deep seated evil of criminal Paul Kagame and his satanic system.

The just concluded AfCFTA summit in Rwanda sent a warning signal to criminal Paul Kagame that neighbours aren’t happy with him. The presidents of DR Congo, Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi didn’t attend. For those who always analyse criminal Paul Kagame’s mind-set and thinking will recall his military brief at camp Kigali in July of 2000 , in this high level military brief – the criminal junta noted “Idi Amini was defeated mainly because he had hostile neighbours surrounding him. We shouldn’t be naïve to ever allow hostile neighbours encircling us, Desire Kabila has to go.”

In early 2000, Criminal Paul Kagame perceived President Desire Kabila as a threat and now, he can’t stand what he perceives as hostile regimes encircling him. And his priority is to settle with Burundi before tackling the big boys – Museveni.

The Hussain Radjabu factor

One of the main problems that Rwanda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) faced after the Burundian failed coup d’état of 2015 was how to consolidate Burundian opposition power behind one person. Gen Dan Munyuza who was the head of Burundi desk spent enormous time trying to unify the opposition front to no vail, as different functions within opposition in diaspora presented different demands.

With all the chaos happening within Burundi’s opposition organisations in diaspora, DMI advised their preferred candidate Hadji Hussain Radjabu to stay outside the flailed internal wars within the position. Hadji Hussain Radjabu sat back as Burundi’s opposition figures in diaspora teared apart each other, and always coming in to give an elder’s advice.

During the ongoing Arusha negation conducted by former Tanzanian president – Benjamin Mkapa, Hadji Hussain Radjabu under the advice of Rwanda’s dreaded DMI avoided attending any summit preferring to delegate his aid to attend on his behalf. While Burundians thought that Hadji Hussain Radjabu isn’t attending the Mkapa planned negotiations due to security concerned, this was a far cry from the main objective of Hussain Radjabu and his DMI handlers. They wanted him to keep away from the fray and dirty politics of negotiations, but to image him as a statesman above dirty politics and worth a replacement president to president Peter Nkurunziza.

In July 2015, Hadji Hussain Radjabu was totally against a rebel attack to Burundi through Kayanza and Cibitoke. While all senior opposition figures based in Rwanda convinced DMI that few small trained rebel force with the help of Rwanda’s Special Forces were enough to create a rebel command centre in Kibila forest, Hadji Hussain Radjabu was the only person against this strategy, telling the Burundian desk chief coordinator Gen Dan Munyuza that “we need a large force with complexity of multiple entry attacks in order to confuse the adversary. We shouldn’t undermine Nkurunziza’s forces.”

After the July 2015 rebel attack which was repulsed with several rebels arrested, a perturbed criminal Paul Kagame summoned the then security chief enforcer, Gen Jack Nziza and Gen Dan Munyuza questioning them why they didn’t follow Hadji Hussain Radjabu’s advice or consider his information knowledge analysis. Criminal Paul Kagame categorically told these two subordinates that Hadji Hussain Radjabu should be the chief architecture of the Burundian strategy and his views should always be given a clear consideration.

…….to be continued, next part of this post will be posted tomorrow. I will be looking about a finalized plan to attack Burundi – mid this year, as Hadji Hussain Radjabu emerges as the supreme leader of Burundian opposition in diaspora, in what I will consider as the Greatlakes region Armageddon.

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