569 youths trained by Kagame’s DMI to kill their own compatriots.

Yesterday, criminal Paul Kagame passed 569 youths from his Intore militia group who had completed a short intensive military training. Of the 569 youths, 138 of them came from outside Rwanda, the majority of them being from Uganda.

These youths who are majority female, have been undergoing a five week intensive military training at Gabiro barracks. This intensive military course provides participants with training in weaponry handling, military techniques – drills, ideas in close combats, intelligence gathering techniques, information warfare, relationship/trust building techniques and political education that centres criminal Paul Kagame as the messiah of Rwanda.

After being passed, those who are residence in other countries for example Uganda or Tanzania, once they return back, they will report to their respective Rwandan embassies for intelligence cell allocation.

It’s from here that the 1st secretary of the embassy who are all DMI external operatives within the embassy will allocate them to operational cells depending on their area of residence/town(s).

And among those that finish this intensive course, a selected group will remain behind and further their training in intelligence training. Of recently, criminal Paul Kagame has been targeting those Rwandans who live outside the country – in diaspora for such specialised military/intelligence training.

For the selected group that stays behind, the training mainly focuses on special elimination killing techniques. They will be trained in intensive hand to hand combat, close quarter shooting, poison handling, conversation techniques, torture, surveillance, execution techniques especially using hoe (agafuni)…etc.

With this selected group, which is chosen to stay behind for further training, by the end of six month, they will be released/passed as soulless individuals, pitiless, ready to take lives in the name of Paul Kagame and totally turned into ruthless animals.

With this group, they report directly to DMI headquarter. Once they finish the training, for those who joined from outside Rwanda, they are given abundant cash to start businesses or any other project i.e education studies, prostitution mainly as intelligence gathering tool or elimination leeway. In other cases, they are helped to secure employment in strategic positions in their respective countries of residence.

For criminal Paul Kagame, the focus is always to get enough recruits for this programme from great lakes regional – SADEC countries.

With all these, nothing will stop Rwandans from smoking criminal Paul Kagame out.