By Seruga Titus

Kaweesi Murder investigations are complete, Nixon and Minana will jointly be charged with this murder the same individuals were investigating the murder and made several arrests of innocent Moslems claiming it was a ADF operation.

The Pilato connection and his DMI Agents are still not Arrested in this case, General Museveni is taking his time to issue an order to arrest and detain Ismael Baguma, General Kayihura and Baroza, Ismael has diplomatic immunity and his arrest can only be sanctioned by Rwanda, Pilato in Rwanda will protect his man for his successful missions in Uganda at all costs.

Mbu that delayed presidential decision is based on a fact that he has a dossier that indicates the DPP’s office can’t prosecute this case it’s its current composition.

The last I heard from Intelligence circles is that Jonathan Baroza the former ADC to General Kayihura had agreed to cooperate with investigators for immunity against prosecution, he requested to get guarantees from the president himself, this did not happen since the state had other witnesses to rely on. It’s like Baroza got a soft deal than he expected. Minana and Nixon will be charged as soon as CID is cleaned well to the satisfaction of Sabiiti.

According to information gathered the motive for Kaweesi Murder was that he posed a threat to the police order, the term of office of the then IGP was expiring, Kaweesi had shown interest and willing to expose his boss’ connection with pirato, Kaweesi had accumulated a lot of money from Rwandan Intelligence in missions across Uganda to wipe out what Rwanda termed as rebels, he headed the Police Operations, Kaweesi quietly got audience of the first son Muhoozi and shared information with him, Muhoozi knew that the best person to present this information was General Tumukunde since he had the barking of General Tumwine and Saleh, Muhoozi never wanted to appear like he is fighting Kayihura.
Senior appointments like the IGP are made with Saleh’s consultation, he is always on ground with his own intelligence source, oh let me tell you these Saleh boys are everywhere collecting information for him.

Saleh, Tumukunde and Tumwine are not friends with Pilato and Kawukumi infact Saleh has made it clear he never want to see Pilato face to face. So smartly Muhoozi forwarded Kaweesi to Tumukunde hoping that Tumukunde will share information with the two other generals, Tumukunde instead set up an appointment with the main man to meet Kaweesi and hear from him directly.

Kawukumi was powerful he had setup spies in all offices, even that of Tumukunde and State House, information was quick to move to him that the President was going to meet Kaweesi, he invited Kaweesi to his office and questioned him about his meeting with Tumukunde, Baroza was a witness to this meeting and questioning, Kaweesi was immediately demoted from operations to Spokesperson this was around 22 August 2016 be reminded that Tumukunde was appointed minister of security on 6th June 2016.

Kaweesi had put himself in line to becoming the next IGP for his popularity, the mere fact that he was wrongly perceived as a Muganda by many ignorant people. The timing of his willingness to give information was super, he had forgotten that Kayihura is a master of using people, Kayihura fired him in operations and released a word that this was because of his involvement in the Wamala Murder case. Yet this was all his plan to drop him in punishment for his association with the Tumukunde, Saleh and Tumwine group.

It’s believed that the final order to assassinate Kaweesi actually came from Rwanda, Intelligence information available shows that the guns used to kill Kaweesi where not ordinary AK47, they are similar to SFC weapons which standard issue to DMI Agents. After the murder Ismael Baguma went to Cairo for holiday, this is standard practices for all these killers laying low after a successful mission for a month or two.

Kawukumi exposed himself in the Kaweesi Murder for his relentless efforts to destroy evidence both at the scene of crime and during investigations.
General Kayihura made the last call to Kaweesi, listening to this call Kayihura asked his junior where he was and what his assignments were for the day, this appears to be standard practice but this can also confirm his location. The generals private number then made a phone call to another unregistered number and only four words were said. No one could question why the boss called him he had all the right to so.

Case investigations were completed by ISO and CMI, a cleanup of the DPP’s office is the only reason keeping this case out of court.

It’s believed that the juridically was compromised, the DPP’s officer need a complete overhaul to ensure that all Kawukumi is out before these cases start, meanwhile witnesses are protected in undisclosed locations.

Due to the sensitivity of this case some information has been withheld for both my security and that of my readers.


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