This time, the luck for Lt Gen Caesar Kayizari and Lt Gen Paul Rwarakabije has run out.

By Rpf Gakwerere

When we say that Rwanda as a country is an open prison, some who are unfamiliar with Rwanda’s internal politics fail to grasp the concept, for sycophants who are themselves part of this open prison will lament through ignorance, greedy, fear and most importantly selfishness; that Lucifer is democratic and leading a human right abiding regime.

Like any Rwandan living under this brutal dictatorship, the wrath of the junta state doesn’t spare anyone, including the usual retards and mentally sick sycophants. This is a regime that eats its own, it crushes its own and it doesn’t even spare those who helped to create the status quo. In short, it’s a hyena regime that swallows those that it’s meant to take care and protect.

This time, the luck for Lt Gen Caesar Kayizari and Lt Gen Paul Rwarakabije has run out. These men were typical Kagamist sycophants, the so called generals who failed their principle obligation of protecting the people but rather preferred to sell their morals to Lucifer. In 2016, after their usefulness, Lucifer sacked them from their appointments, discarded and summarily retiring them from the army. For Lt Gen Caesar Kayizari, he was sacked from his ambassadorial position in 2016 and in the same year, Lt Gen Paul Rwarakabije was sacked as the head of Rwanda’s prisons – jails institution. In short, 2016 was a hell year for these former military uniform men.

Since 2016, they have been jobless, looking for work and engaged in managing their farms. Lt Gen Paul Rwarakabije has a farm in Musanze while Lt Gen Caesar Kayizari has a farm in Mutara. For those who know about Rwanda’s labour market, especially the top end positions, will understand that appointments must be approved by the RPF political bureau it doesn’t matter if it’s private or public sector, and especially if the individuals were former army officers.

Lt Gen Caesar Kayizari who is well known for his love for whisky, started facing Lucifer’s wrath at close range when he started confining to friends and family about his economic situation, how tenants who are living in his two houses aren’t paying their rents, how he can’t keep on chasing and looking for new tenants every now and then, in his words “ararambiwe (I am tired). He also lamented to his close associates how all jobs that he has applied haven’t been forth coming due to certain people within the system who are trying to frustrate him. In a country were a father spies a son and vice versa, where a wife spies a husband vice versa, where family members spy each other, where neighbours spy one another….etc.

Uttering such complaints or life frustrations (Kuganya) are deadly crimes within Kagame’s junta. Rwanda’s Lucifer doesn’t tolerate anyone who questions the status quo, especially from those senior officers who are on Gatebe (agatebe) or retired.

Lt Gen Caesar Kayizari’s lamenting reached the desk of Lucifer’s dreaded Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) and then, to the ears of Lucifer. Lt Gen Caesar knows this very well, that once you utter any word to anyone, the next minutes the words are on Lucifer’s ears; especially for those high ranking officers who are on Gatebe or forcefully retired. These officers are under constant close surveillance mechanism by intelligence services personnel.

Since November, the passport of Lt Gen Ceasar Kayizari was withdrawn/removed from him and he can’t leave Kigali without calling Gen Dan Munyuza’s hotline for permission. Currently, before even visiting his farm or relatives in Mutara, he always has to call Dan Munyuza’s office for permission.

For Lt Gen Paul Rwarakabije, additional problems began piling up when he started complaining on delays of getting job references from the ministry of defence and the justice ministry. Early last year, Lt Gen Paul Rwarakabije applied for a UN job in Mali; due to his education, skills and experience, he was granted an interviewed, he passed with flying colours and he was hired, pending on providing references from the above noted ministries. My source told me that the job was supposed to have started last year in June.

Unfortunately, Lucifer instructed ministers from these respective ministries to don’t dare give him those references and that is how he missed out on a lucrative UN appointment which would have been a six months contract with 100% possibility of an extension.

Lt Gen Paul Rwarakabije has also applied for lecturing jobs in several Universities in Rwanda to no vail, obviously there is a force stopping those institutions to hire or even grant him job interviews.

Currently, his passport has also been withdrawn/removed from him and been placed in a similar situation as Gen Caesar Kayizari where he calls a hotline number in Gen Dan Munyuza’s office for permission in case he wants to travel outside Kigali – other parts of the Country including his farm in Musanze.

Like many so called generals in Rwanda, these two officers are a mere addition to a long list of senior officers who are living under restrictions meant for terrorists who are out on bail or rehabilitation.

As they always say, leave matters of generals to generals. Unfortunately, under Lucifer’s Rwanda, there are no generals, we have only one general vampire and the rest are house boys who are tossed and squashed when they outlive their usefulness. And Lucifer is good at timing, he know when to use you and understands your expiry dates. Currently, he is the master of dictatorial timing.

He knows the best time when to hit or strike at his house boy generals. He knows when your services is no longer needed and when you know too much of his secrets, he will put you Agatebe (Gatebe) – jobless while at the same time planning how to give you a one way ticket to the graveyard.