By Rpf Gakwerere

On the 25th/12/2017, Rwanda’s paranoiac and criminal dictator demonstrated high levels of paranoia, delusion, fear and overall signs of psychotic behaviours. Rwanda’s criminal ruler reminded the gathering army and police officers that Rwanda is at crossroad and surrounded with states that harbour under seated hate for its development and progress.

He pointed out that all neighbouring countries are hostile states who would strike at any moment, he reminding them that they also support and shelter anti-government elements.

Being a psychotic sufferer, criminal Paul Kagame couldn’t even realise that he was addressing personnel who are overall underpaid with police officers from the rank of SSP downwards not yet getting their salaries for November and December, unless they are paid today, as of 26/12/17/ they haven’t been paid.

Criminal Paul Kagame told these men and women that 2017 wasn’t easy and it was a Challenging year for his security services. Obviously for the laymen, they didn’t understand those challenges that criminal Paul Kagame’s security services faced in 2017.

In 2017, they faced challenges in Southern Kivu as his special forces who were supporting Burundian rebels battled it out with Burundian Special forces, for those who follow geopolitics will know criminal Paul Kagame’s setbacks and underlying defeats. Other challenges that Kagame and his security faced in 2017, where on how to deal with the Rwigara family, conducting of a one man election where the criminal anointed himself as a king, kidnapping, torture of citizens, assassinations – killing of citizens.

In his address, the criminal ruler noted that, “the ending year has not been an easy one for anyone. And we shouldn’t expect 2018 to be any less challenging.”

In a speech where as usual, he continued to be the chief publicist for the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), the criminal and paranoiac ruler noted that, Burundi is still a threat, with armed militias having openly declared hostility against Rwanda.

On Tanzania, Rwanda’s criminal ruler noted that, “they are calm, but only God knows what they are thinking and planning.”

On DR Congo, he pointed out that the country’s doors are always open for anything unsettling and the country continues and remains home to militias who regularly poke Rwanda in the eyes.

On Uganda, the criminal ruler was hard hitting, noting that, “now that Uganda has begun firing live bullets and missiles in DRC, just a few hundreds kilometres away from Rwanda, anything is possible, considering the fact that the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a rebel group planning to destabilize Rwanda, has infiltrated Uganda.”

He continued to tell his security services that, “Uganda is Rwanda’s closest ally that exists. But the sister country has now become home to RNC elements. The rebel group is actively recruiting from Uganda’s territory with the direct help of sections of Uganda’s security organs and some Ugandan individuals who hate our progress and success.”

He told his quiet attentive Army and Police officers about Uganda’s recent marriage with the French, who harbour a natural hostility towards Rwanda’s current regime, noting that France has other exterior motives rather than merely training Uganda’s army, this shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Rwanda knows France better than any country in the region. Rwanda has to remain vigilant and alert, especially that they are in a closer reach of a group that has publicly declared an armed struggle to overthrow Rwanda’s government. A sober and worried dictator kept on emphasising on constant focus and vigilance.

His analysis on Global security threats was amateurish depicting malwa bencher than a leader who has a great briefing team around him. The serial killer concluded his inept speech by telling his assassins that, “threats against Rwanda are paramount, we need to ensure that we overcome any threats we may be confronted with…”

Over the years, criminal Paul Kagame has equated himself to Rwanda. Any challenges or questionings against his dictatorship are equated as challenging Rwanda. Criminal Paul Kagame and Rwanda are two different entities; unfortunately, this criminal assumes he is Rwanda.

For me the corporal, let me enjoy this end of year festive, as I watch criminal Paul Kagame destroy himself due to paranoiac and narcissistic mental issues. Before their down fall, Dictators always destroy themselves before oppressed citizens reclaim their rights.